Last season saw Leigh Ramblers U14's successfully win their way into the Premiership League and despite the challenging times we face, the team have found their way to the top after just two games with 6 points.

The first game of the season was a successful win for the Ramblers with a 3-1 win. Leigh Ramblers, in high spirits from their previous win, then went on to celebrate a 5-1 victory in their second match of the season.

Despite the challenges the team have faced from the COVID-19 UK Lockdown, followed by restrictions to training, the team have adapted and remained motivated throughout.

Joint Manager, Ian Smith says “The boys are getting older and wiser. They’re also becoming more familiar with their positions which has become a constitution towards the last two successful games.”

Despite their age, the team pushed themselves throughout the Lockdown to keep fit for this season by going out running to improve their fitness. They’ve motivated each other to get out and keep fit and as a result have come back this season stronger than ever.

With three new signings and some strong wins as a result of their hard work, Fairfield remain a proud sponsor of Leigh Ramblers F.C. Keep up the good work team and we wish you the best for the rest of the season!