LUXURY. PERFECTED. Luxury in its most dynamic form: the exterior design of the BMW 8 Series Coupé embellished the sports car genes with the perfected elegance of the BMW luxury class. A combination that cultivates maximum performance.
POWER. INTENSIFIED. When it comes to dynamics, the BMW 8 Series Coupé is performing at the limits. A powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder petrol engine, exclusive motor racing features and the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system take the ultimate driving pleasure to an entirely new level.
ELEGANCE. REFINED. With exceptional paint finished for the exterior and luxurious materials in the interior, the BMW 8 Series Coupé showcases a progressive design language - and with this, creates a sporty and elegant character. code: bf92d4d1c6982386a4b793b7f30406120c2d5695|117484|1 height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden">