Inside and out, the BMW i3 represents the future of driving pleasure. The exterior is sporty from every angle, and elevates this presence with modern elements, such as dual-colour painted surfaces, elegant coach doors and a new modern kidney grille design. Inside feels more like a chic and spacious lounge, embracing new sustainable materials and a decluttered, minimal approach to comfort.​​

ELECTRIC PERFORMANCE. In the BMW i3, full torque from the electric motor is instantly available from a standing start, and keeps coming without delay; unlike a traditional engine which accelerates incrementally with the gears.
FLEXIBLE CHARGING. You can recharge your BMW i3 at home or at work using a bp pulse homecharge unit, and on the go with a huge UK network of over 26,000 public charging stations.
FUTURE READY. Feel more connected to your vehicle and your journey thanks to the seamless and intuitive features, including the new My BMW app and the optional Driving Assistant Plus and Parking assistant.


That's exactly what the BMW i3 offers with its numerous digital services and driver assistance systems. From playing your favourite tunes via the latest Amazon Alexa Car integration to finding the perfect route to your next destination using Send to Car functionality, most things you want can be achieved with minimal fuss.


The BMW i3 can get you from Southend to London, and back again twice on just one charge; that’s an all-electric range of up to 182-190 miles.


The BMW i3 marks a new era in sustainable mobility, so your driving has less impact on the world around you. The entire vehicle design was developed for electric mobility, from the ground up, from innovative aerodynamic measures that reduce air resistance and energy consumption to sustainable and recycled materials that protect the environment. code: bf92d4d1c6982386a4b793b7f30406120c2d5695|117484|1 height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden">