Vehicle Identification Number & Registration Plates
Lights, Fuel System, Steering & Suspension
Windscreen, Wipers & Washer Bottle
Horn, Seats & Seatbelts
Emissions, Bodywork & Doors
Mirrors, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
What Can I do to ensure I don't fail an MOT? Headlights & Indicators

Check that all of your car’s lights function properly.

Brake lights

Press the brake pedal and ask a friend to check that the rear brake lights come on. If you don't have anyone around to assist you, carefully reverse up to a reflective surface (window, wall or garage door) and repeat the same check.

Number plate

The font and spacing of letters must comply with legal requirements to be passed by the MOT station. Also, it's important to ensure it is not damaged.

Wheels & tyres

Check that wheels and tyres are undamaged. The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, however 3mm is recommended.


What happens if my Vehicle doesn't pass?


If your vehicle fails its MOT, our test centre will give you a VT3O Certificate showing the reasons for the fail. You can book a slot with us or leave your vehicle on site for us to fix any issues and retest the vehicle.

Can I get an MOT early?


You can. You can have an MOT up to 28 days before the current certificate expires. If you do this, you won't lose out on the extra days, your MOT expiry date will be the same as the current certificate.

Should I get a service before an MOT?


It's not a requirement by law however, we would recommend booking both in together to ensure your car passes it's MOT.

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